Missing but somehow not

In the following days, Frauke Liebs called her roommate five times from her cell phone. Most of the short calls came in the evening and contained little explanation of her situation. Initially, Liebs hinted at her imminent return home, but she answered further inquiries vaguely or evasively, and sometimes in a puzzling or contradictory manner. As the investigations later revealed, the cell phone was located in various Paderborn business parks.

The second call

Thursday, June 22, 10:26 P.M, one day after her disappearance, the roommate received a call. It's Frauke Liebs. Transcript: "I am well. I will come home soon. Let Mom and Dad know."
She didn't take any questions from Chris, which  means that this call could have been just a recording played by the kidnapper.
Below is a close-up of the radio cell.

The third call

A text message is received by her roommate from her cellphone on Friday the 23rd at 11:04 P.M.:
"I will come home today. I'm in paderborn."
The cellphone is located in a business area on eastern side of town. Below is a big photo. 2 minutes after receiving the message, Frauke's brother calls his sister on her cellphone and speaks to her. She reacts evasive.

The fourth call

Saturday, June 24th, 02:22 P.M. Frauke calls her roommate Chris K.:
Frauke: "I will come home tonight. I am in Paderborn."
Chris K.: "Are you injured?"
Frauke: "No"
The cellphone is located in a business area in the south side of town. Below a close-up photo.

The fifth call

Sunday, 25 June, 10:28 P.M. Frauke calls Chris K.:
Frauke: "I will come home today"
Chris K.: " Are you in danger?"
Frauke: "No"
Chris K: "Who is with you?"
Frauke: "I will explain later..."
The cellphone is located close to where the 3rd call was made. Below a closer look.

The sixth and last call ever

It's Wednesday the 28th of June at 11:29 P.M. when Frauke calls her roommate Chris K. the last time.
He is with Frauke's sister Karen* who's listening:
Frauke: "I'm doing well"
Chris K.: "Are you being held?"
Frauke: "(lowering voice) Yes, (louder) No, No"
Chris K.: "Are you aware of that the police is looking for you?"
Frauke: " Yes, though I'm gone for a week now ...please tell Mom and Dad that I love them very much."
Chris K.: "When will you be back?"
Frauke: "I don't know"
Chris K.: "When will you be in touch again?"
Frauke: "Can't say that"
Karen: "Where are you?"
Frauke: "Please don't interrogate me"
Karen: "Are you with other people?"
Frauke: "Don't ask...I'd love to be with you."

*Karen, Frauke's sister

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