The victim

Frauke Liebs was born on February 21, 1985. She graduated from high school in Bielefeld, and at the same time trained as a Kindergarten teacher. She completed her training year as an educator at the Burg Wittlage facility for the disabled in Bad Essen. After her training, she wanted to work in a facility for the disabled. However, despite an excellent final grades, she was unable to find a job and did not want to work in a daycare center, so she decided to train as a nurse. On 01.10.2005, she therefore finally started nursing training at St. Vincenz Hospital in Paderborn, which is why she moved there from L├╝bbecke. To keep the rent costs low, she moved in with her ex-boyfriend Christos K., who went to Paderborn at the same time to study teaching. Even though the two had not been a couple for over a year, they still got along well and had a friendly relationship.

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