Fraukes remains have been found

On October 4th 2006 a hunter finds a decomposed corpse. It turns out that it's the remains of Frauke Liebs. The clothes were the same she wore on the day of her disappearance. The body has been laid only 20 metres off the street in a rural wooded area and has been covered with twigs. The advanced decomposition of the body made it impossible to identify the cause of death. Her cell phone and black handbag, as well as her purse and wristwatch, were not found. The location the body was found was not where the murder happened. No tire prints, no finger prints and no DNA was found on the body. 

Visit the body location

These items are still missing until now

A cellphone Nokia 6230 with camera and a steel case Fossil wristwatch. Now that you are familiar with the basic facts of the case, it is time to use your own skills and instincts in order to bring this investigation to an end and find the killer(s).
If you haven't already done so, you can talk to some of the victims or visit the chief detective of this case. In case you already did this, it is time to choose your path: What do you think? Are we looking for one crazy guy? Or could there be more people involved in the crime? Follow your intuition!
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