Perpetrators Profile (Draft)

Case 1493/cs-w

Suspect's Age (at the time)

The kidnapper must be very young. Maybe at the same age as his victim. This would explain, why Frauke was not suspicious when he first approached her. It would also explain why the body has not been carried a long way and hasn't been buried. He's at least 18, because the crime would not have been possible without a driver's licence.
This is the most likeliest age of the kidnapper at the time of the crime. 

You have no clue! Of course the killer is at least in his 30's. He is educated and the way the crime was carried out was sophisticated. The human brain develops certain capabilities only at a certain age. These capabilities have been used here by the killer. It's the planning and the covering of his traces. Another point is the infrastructure used in this crime: At least one car, a place to hide the hostage for several days. Which person has that in their 20's?

Ha, you fools, you're both wrong! The reason Frauke trusted the kidnapper, when he first approached her, is because he seems to be a trustful elderly person, maybe with a bald head, looking a little helpless. He's experienced in dealing with people, can talk people into things they wouldn't usually do. He could be a convict, with a history of similar crimes. Out of prison after 15-20 years behind bars. He also knows exactly what he does all the time.

Suspect's Gender

The kidnapper must be male. It's mainly because of the motive. I assume it to be a sexual one. I know, could be seen as discriminating against lesbians. But only 5 % of the population is LGBT. There was no ransom demand. There could be other motives though: Jealousy, revenge whatever, but... it's a guy for sure.

It is not proven that the motive was sexual. It could be a lot of things. And the whole cellphone orgy? What guy would do that? No one. Therefore it's a girl. And the way the body was placed? This must have done by a very weak person. The victim weighed maybe a 100 pounds and after 30 feet the killer says: I'm so exhausted, let's skip the burial. This is definitely our girl talking.

Suspect's Education

To be honest with you. This would be considered a serious crime in the state where the actual crime happened. And it would be difficult to hide it from the authorities. But it's your choice. 

To be honest with you. This would be considered a crime in the state where the actual crime happened. And it would be difficult to hide it from the authorities. But it's your choice.

In the state where the crime happened around 65% of the students leave High School without graduation. Our guy was highly likely one them. Although he may have distinctive skills, his educational background is not comprehensive. 

35% percent of all students graduate High School. Our person of interest was probably one of them. The way his actions were planned and executed. His total control over the situation at any time was only possible with a profound educational background. 

After graduating from High School he went to College, maybe even in Paderborn, which has a pretty big college with around 20.000 students. However he did not make it to a degree so far. Maybe he was still enrolled at the time, maybe he got kicked out.

Really? He graduated College? No offense, but if you have a college degree, most of the girls I know would tie themselves up to get f'ed by you. Just joking. It's a possibility, though. Why not?! You're thinking out of the box. Sometimes that's all you need to do.

Suspect's Family Status

Our guy is a loner. She/He probably never had a girl-/boyfriend. That's the reason for doing to the victim what he has done. He spent a lot of his time fantasizing about it, watching crime-related porn. After a while porn is no longer enough.

The more I read about this case, the killer has more and more similarities with my boy-/girlfriend. It's not unusual that people committing such crimes live in a seemingly harmonic relationship. It is for a reason and I sum it up for you: They cannot stand themselves and need another person to feel normal (what they of course aren't).

Did you know that 83% of all married couples have at least one child? Just in case you think our kidnapper is married, it's a 83% probability that he has children too. As I said the disorder in the mind of such perpetrators, entices them to conform with common social norms, like starting a family.

A possible scenario. The kidnapper was married, but the marriage didn't work out. Could be children involved too. It comes to a legal challenge about custody and money. This leads to a lot of frustration and anger, maybe even a mental breakdown. What is remarkable is the behavior of over-controlling the situation shown by the kidnapper. There must be a history to that.

Suspect's Career Status

The kidnapper is probably without a job and makes a living on state's welfare. He borrowed the car from his mother or his father. Maybe sometimes he's selling drugs to earn some extra money. He blames society for what he became. So it's almost logical to him that society owes him and has to give him something in return, Frauke.

The kidnapper doesn't hold on to a job very long. Sometimes it's because of his behavior, sometimes the economical situation makes him redundant. It's because he has no High School degree and hasn't a professional training. He's on and off welfare for years now. 

He is a trained hard working guy. Maybe he even has his own little business with a few employees. Or he is the first guy after the boss, keeping things running. Everyone can count on him. You can call him at 10:00 P.M. to fix something and he does it right away. He is such a good guy.

He works mainly with his brain. He doesn't like physical exertion. He doesn't have to, because he's smart. High School degree, maybe even graduated College. He has achieved everything. Except one thing. The colleagues are laughing at him, talking behind his back saying he's weird. He has no wife.

Just thinking out of the box again? The kidnapper could be a Judge, Lawyer, Professor, Brain Surgeon, Wall Street CEO, a Nobel Price Winner, the FBI Director, maybe the President, but I guess these folks have better things to do than spending 5 days of their time with an apprentice nurse and killing her after that. You're definitely wrong on this one, fella.

Suspect's Field of work

Maybe he keeps his head above water with odd jobs given him by friends or relatives. Or he sells drugs. Drugs play a big role in this crime. 

The suspect is employed either by the military or the police. His lifestyle is characterized by discipline and authoritarian structures. You can see this in the phone calls he makes almost every day. Dictating to the hostage what she may and may not say on the phone. The fixation lies in the control over himself and the hostage.

The suspect must have a connection to medical facilities. The crime would not have been feasible without certain substances, knockout drops. These are available on prescription and are used in medical facilities. In hospitals, psychiatric wards, nursing homes. The victim was a nurse in training.

The suspect works in a factory. Progressive automation has led to a monotony of work that is now causing provable physical and mental illnesses. He is handy, efficient in his actions and plans steps in advance.

The suspect works in a small business. A craft business, e.g. a painter's workshop, a car repair shop, in construction. There he needs various skills, both commercial but also craft.

The suspect had a low school education and poor grades. That is why he has a job in agriculture, landscaping, or forestry. He knew where to put the body so that it would not be found so quickly.

Phew that was tiring, wasn't it?!
Promise not to beat me up, but there is no SAVE button on this form.
Did you pick one answer to each of the suspect's characteristics?
What if two answers are right at the same time? Like he is divorced and now single or married again or  he has two jobs?

You will have to get your  fancy detective notepad out now and write down your choices like this:
Age: 18-29
Gender: female
Family Status: single
and so on.
And then you do the whole thing again, by choosing, what also could be plausible. Or maybe you say it's all fine, don't need that.

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