The victim's nursing school

Frauke left the Pub at 11 PM because she had to attend the nursing school the next morning at 8 AM. You are interested in how the training of a nurse might be organised. A friendly apprentice nurse tells you:
"Classes in the School of Nursing run from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. We have two 30-minute breaks and a one-hour lunch break.
Theoretical lessons are given in blocks, which means that students only go to school during this time and not to the wards. The teaching blocks are between two and eleven weeks long. Practical assignments last between one and six weeks in clinics and up to 12 weeks in outpatient care.
Learning success checks are spread over the three years. In the middle of the training, you will also take an intermediate examination that is based on the conditions of the state final examination. In addition, the teachers accompany the students to the ward at least three times during the course of the training and grade the practical work."

What if Frauke knew her killer

The correct dosage of prescription sedatives could be a lead to the hospital or an outpatient care facility where Frauke worked according to the schedule 2 or 3 times for up to 12 weeks in a row.
The people who worked with her there have all sorts of backgrounds. These co-workers of Frauke would have been unknown to the apprentice nurses she had attended school with. Maybe she actually met an acquaintance from work and got herself invited for a beer or a coke. Another thing catches your eye. There is an outpatient care facility for kids and seniors in the cellphone area, where 3 calls had been made. Let's check it out.
False alarm, just a coincidence, the facility wasn't there yet, when Frauke disappeared.
The facts don't fit together. If she had known her killer from before, why would he grab her off the street at the risk of being seen. And the drugs that were used, are not common drugs used in a medical context but in a criminal setting as party drugs. Quite the opposite, no sedatives were found on the body that are common for medical use. Another point is: Whoever intercepted her on her way home couldn't be sure to be successful, because she had three different possible ways to get home.
So let's not forget this lead: If a colleague from work had planned to do this to her, he had to sit and wait right before her apartment and wait for her there. 

The stranger

Let's brainstorm...15 years after. Remember this fella on the left? No? You remember his car though. Yeah that's my True Crime Detectives. Right, that's Ted Bundy's car right there. And the guy stands next to Ted Bundy's car is who....Ted Bundy? The candidates have 100 points. Well he was a stranger to around 30 women too. All of them were killed by him. After killing girls for two years he came up with the idea of pretending to have a broken arm, which would make it easier for him to approach his victims. It's not only the victims' age that's significantly similar to our victim. It could also be the psychological trick being used by Bundy: The helper's syndrome. Our victim was a nurse-to-be.

One way to end up in this little hearse

Imagine it's 11:15 p.m. and you walk down the street. You approach a perplexed-looking man. In front of him is a table or a shelf or an armchair on the sidewalk. Next to him in the parking space is a van with the sliding door open. Like the one on the left. The man asks you if you could give him a hand for just a second. You say sure. With combined forces you carry the piece of furniture into the van with you going backwards. After it's done the man says thank you and closes the door with a powerful swing. You still inside.

Looks comfy, doesn't it?!

You scream: "Let me out, Help! Help! Help!", but outside your screams sound like whispering. You try the doors, not opening, the cars are built that way, factory default. However you bang on the doors with your hands and feet. The man gets behind the wheel, starts the engine and the journey begins. He drives for one hour close to Nieheim, then he stops the car. What happens then is disputed. Could be that he beat her up and abused her for half an hour.
Could be that he is the talkative type and approaches her friendly. What's weird is that the battery of her phone was empty when she left the pub at 11 p.m. and at 00:49 a.m. her cellphone sends the text message. And it was her cellphone, not only her sim-card. It has to be assumed that the kidnapper did charge the phone in his van. Or this is not what happened and the cellphone was charged where the victim was held. Hours after the very last call the victim made, her cellphone pinged again in this remote Nieheim area.

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