Home sweet home

Finally you made it. Back in your own little puma cage. Before you arrange the two office chairs together to build your comfy bed tonight, you should think about everything, that happened today.
Of course there's also a list of usual suspects you could go through. Or are you missing something? 70 percent of such crimes are committed by perpetrators who have a relationship in any kind with the victim. The police had more than one close look at all of Fraukes friends and family members. But maybe they really missed something, who knows?!

Isn't it strange,  that...

her mother never heard of Frauke on the phone and a No. 1 suspect like Chris talked to her several times? Of course it is. But remember, Chris had a witness: Fraukes sister Karen. Maybe they both had something going on? And Frauke was in their way? She had to be gone. Could be. If there wouldn't be another witness. Frauke's brother Frank, who talked to her on the phone on Friday - her disappearance was Tuesday night. No, it's not as simple as you thought. Chris had alibis when almost every call was made and every day and night she was gone. But if you have a bad feeling about him, you can file a report on him. Your report will be checked and forwarded to the authorities.
What about the girlfriend. Isabella? Her story seems to be a bit shifty too, doesn't it?

Isabella C.

She has been looked at very closely, even by the state police. That doesn't mean that she told the truth, though. Even now, 15 years later you don't find a single photo of her online. What would be fine, if she deals with any anxiety problems. Does she? Or is she afraid of the guys who took Frauke that night? Maybe she knows, what they're capable of. Maybe she was in Frauke's position before. Tied up and raped by a bunch of drunk guys, including her ex-boyfriend.
A reenactment of this case was produced for a big TV-station one or two months after Frauke's remains were found. In a miraculous manner Isabella's role was cut out of the script and was replaced by Frauke's mother. Also there were inconsistencies in her testimony about a small pendant found with the remains. She couldn't identify it to be Frauke's. She also couldn't remember how Frauke's black handbag looked like. Isabella lured Frauke into the Pub and was the last known person who had seen her alive. That's enough. Let's take her into custody....
Hahaha, custody? In your little puma cage? Even the TCD badge doesn't give you the right to arrest people, but I get your point. You can file a report now on Isabella C., if that's what you want. Your report will be checked and forwarded to the authorities.
But there was this other guy, Niels. He spent some time with the victim before she was abducted. He was also a good friend of Isabella, as you recall.

Niels M.

The Chief Detective told you, that Niels was definitely the wrong guy. But also Chief Detectives make mistakes, you think. And there's a guy on the internet, who claims to know what happened: "The guy, who played pool with Niels that night, did read some of the text messages, which had been sent by Frauke. He knew that Frauke was in that Pub and would have to go home alone, as Niels cancelled the date with her." So how does Niels come into play? "His friend abducts Frauke, maybe pretending he acts on Niels' behalf. He abuses her in Nieheim. After that he gets scared and calls Niels telling him what he had done. Niels comes over. He has no idea what to do next. First goal is to gain some time. They forge a text message and send it to Chris. Then they bring Frauke into an arbor or an abandoned garage." You know the end of the story. Would Niels kill Frauke? He would, if not, then his (last) friend would go to prison. He lost a good friend by suicide a few weeks earlier. That's enough. File a report on Niels.

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