Finally the fun part

You are getting ready for a night job. The British military camp outside the town of Paderborn. And as the name says it's military armed. Better not get caught, buddy! By the way, what are the two sorts of plastic bags for? Pick up some garbage while you're around? Hide in there to sneak around the guards? 
I already hear one of them say: "I swear that garbage bag over there has moved"
And then the other guard: "Mike, I told you not to drink while you're on duty"
Sounds like a plan. Let's get this done.

You sneak up to the entrance of the base

It's now 10:34 p.m.. You look carefully, but can't see anyone outside. The guards must be inside the small house on the right. The gate is open though. You ask yourself: What am I doing here? What am I looking for? Well you won't be able to answer that, before you found it. This is insane. I will go to prison, if they catch me. 
You're such a coward. But it's your choice.

You crouch inside

Smoothly you crawl past the guard house. You take a brief peek through the window. Inside are two British soldiers watching cartoons. Be careful or you will be detected. You're right. It's too risky. Let's go back home. Come on you made it this far. Only a few more steps.

Ever drove a tank?

You wonder where they keep the keys. Why are we here again? Oh right, we're looking for this case. Whether there's a satanic cult hiding behind the facade of this military base. Did you know that she was abducted exactly on Midsummer night, the summer solstice? Only Pagans and Nazis celebrate those events. Maybe there is something on to it. Let's sneak closer to the dormitories. No I always wanted to drive a tank. I just need to find the keys.

The dormitory

It's now 11:03 p.m. I guess it's too early to break in. As you can see, many of the soldiers are still awake. You could sneak up closer and take a look inside the windows though. Maybe they're already wearing their long robes and goat masks and celebrating a black mass with singing and sacrificing piglets and drinking blood and...
stop fantasizing.

The first window

Nothing much to see here. Two of them playing video games. And it's not even an especially graphic one. What a disappointment. Maybe you should try another window.

He looks suspicious

He is hiding something. Is that a human heart in his hands and he is going to eat it? You knew it, a human flesh eating cult. That must be it. Quickly, take pictures! 

False Alarm. He was just washing dishes

Damn it. These soldiers are so boring. Anyway there's still another window.

Am I interrupting something?

Why are these two hotties wearing soldier costumes, you ask yourself. If these two strippers are a birthday gift for a soldier, where is the birthday boy? Let's google: Why do girls wear soldiers costumes?... Can't be...It says girls can be soldiers too. But then... everyone would want to go to war with them. I mean not everyone... catholic priests for instance wouldn't. However this was a big letdown. You could knock on the window and ask to participate.  Or you could try to find the keys for the tank. Or you go home now. No you wait till they're asleep, right?

You wait for 3 hours

Now it's close to 3 a.m. and you decide to break in. You found an empty room and levered up the window.
Shh, everyone's asleep and we wanna keep it that way, right? Inside you look around. There is a desk, a bed and a cupboard, all empty as you find out. You try the only door. It's unlocked. It leads to the hallway.

You enter the hallway

It's very silent. Occasionally you hear a soldier's snoring. The doors to the right lead to the rooms you already looked in from outside. To the left are several doors probably leading to similar rooms with soldiers sleeping in there. That's not what interests you. You want to see their common rooms, where they hold up their black masses and the whole torturing equipment. Maybe there's even a whole basement full of stuff. 

You reach the stairwell

Now you found the stairwell and the way down to the basement. What are you waiting for. You could also go upstairs or walk further down the hallway.
Choose wisely.

"You're late, Private"

"Are you new? I haven't seen you here before. Are you one of Baxter's guys? Never mind." The janitor continues wiping the floor of what looks like a small cafeteria. "The cafeteria won't be open before 6" "Yeah never mind", you say and turn around. Phew that was close.

What did you expect?

It's cold and dark in here. No sign that the victim could have been here. Of course not. There would have been far too many witnesses, if the killer had brought her here. And there's no torture chamber either. So much for your disgusting SM-fantasies.
What's next. Ask the janitor to whip you? You are so pathetic.

Looks the same upstairs

Ok now you're upstairs. I don't want to urge you, but in an hour the sun will set. And I don't know when these soldiers will have to get up. So better hurry up a bit. What are you looking for?

Unusual enough for me

If not the dog it's the barking that scares the shit out of you and will alert everyone at least on this floor. You have to get out of here immediately. The dog is chained by the way. But it's too late anyway. You have to take your tank driving lesson on another night.

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