Forensic Laboratory

Maybe the quacks could find anything out.

Her death

Her death occured only few days after she made her last phone call. The location where her body was found was not the place where she had died. The cause of her death is unknown, due to the progressed decomposition. Stabbing, shooting or strangulation is excluded as cause. Suffocation is possible. Also an overdose on GBL could have happened.

The missing tooth

The photo on the left shows the skull and the lower jaw. One tooth was missing from the jaw and was later found a few metres away. It was removed after her death. Wild boars DNA has been found all over the place. The clothes were not torn. There were no drugs found in her body. Liquid ecstasy would have disappeared naturally though.

Liquid ecstasy or GBL

KO drops are not always the same. On the contrary. Active ingredient and dosage determine the effect. Intramolecular ester γ-butyrolactone (GBL) is popular as an active ingredient, e.g., like ketamine. However, the effect is highly variable depending on the dosage. In total, there are well over 100 active ingredients that are suitable for use as knockout drops when misused. The higher the dosage, the stronger the effect. This is also the problem. Often a low dose is stimulating and a high dose has the opposite effect. The transitions are fluid.

Cellphone location

By Timing Advance, we were able to narrow down the possible locations the cellphone was in, when it was sending the first SMS. It is the area between the two red circles. The width of this stripe is around 500 metres. The officers looked at this area very closely, but you know the end. And there are doubts, if this is the crime scene at all or just a temporary retreat chosen directly after the abduction.

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