After leaving the Pub

After leaving the pub Frauke makes her way home. She takes the shortest route leading her through a densely populated residential area. It was hot that day and now shortly after 11 p.m. many people came out of their houses to cool off outside. Many college students live in that area and they are probably sitting in groups in front of their houses, drinking beer, having a good time. Frauke passes some of them without drawing attention. But then she passes a group of young men and maybe they start flirting with her. One guy in the group probably recognizes her. "Frauke, what are you doing here? How are you? Do you remember me?" She hesitates, asks herself where she could have met him before. Then she remembers and says: "Hi, ... perpetrator". He: "What a coincidence. Here have a drink." And this is how the cookie crumbles.

Is it the second drink?

It is only because of Frauke's politeness, that she finds herself in this situation drinking alcohol with strangers on the street. Now it's a matter of minutes to end up in a car or van. If you take her little sister's testimony that she would never had done so voluntarily. It could have happened under the influence of a party drug, that was already in the drink or put inside just before she drank it. We don't know exactly. Or no drugs were involved and someone suddenly says: "Let's go swimming". And all are excited, cheering in favor of the idea. "Come on Frauke, this will be fun!" Frauke: "I don't know, I have to get up early tomorrow". He: "I do too, come on, just for an hour". 
Anyway,  Frauke ends up in the car or the van. The direction the driver takes is exactly the opposite of where the lakes in this area are located. They end up in a place where no lake is closer than 40 kilometres. It could have happened by mistake, though. They got lost and end up in Nieheim. During the drive she managed to get her cellphone charged a bit. They all get out of the car. She partially drunk, sends the text message to Chris. Who is with her? Maybe they went with two cars and the others found the lake and are taking a bath right now. But Frauke was in this car, now at the end of the world with two or three other guys. She's at least drunk. And then the abuse happens. By all two or three of them. It was rape. They were drunk. If they had let Frauke go after this, they would have gone to prison for a few months. Their aspiring life would be destroyed. They don't know what to do next.  Kill her?

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