The code

"I don't know, Dad.
Don't ask for explanations.
Can't say, can't today.
Mom later yes.
At home"
Could this really be her message, encrypted in a pretty much sophisticated manner. Using the numbers of repeating a term to define the context it should be used in. At first you might think: No way, this to complex. But think about it again. She had hours and hours of time to come up with something. And it's an easy code. The phone calls are surveyed, the text messages are redacted. This would be the easiest way to send out the message  she wants, without the perpetrators noticing it.
But what does it mean, you ask. I thought Paderborn was her home. No, she only lived there for 9 months. If she refers to home, it must be where she and her family used to live, where she graduated High School. Is she kept hostage there?

"No, at home"

Frauke lived in a small town called Lübbecke with around 25.000 inhabitants. When she turned 16, she left her hometown to attend High School in the 45 kilometres distant Bielefeld. She would then only come home for weekends to see her family and friends. This was going on for 3 years. After graduating High School, and a training as a nursery school teacher, she made an approval year in her job. After that she was looking for a job, but couldn't find any. 
One year later her training as a nurse in Paderborn begins.
If we look back at the hidden message, saying that her mother would know later, suggests that the whole case is circling around the mother. Did she do private tutoring for friends' children at home? The message also says, that Frauke could neither explain the actions of the perpetrator nor who he was. But the message is clear: The whole thing originates at their home in Lübbecke.
Another thing is possible. Her mother was the principal of a High School. It's a very crucial time for young adults, that determines the further path of life. Without a degree you can't go to college and it's not unusual that principals have the last word on a potential graduate's request. If she had denied someone this degree, it could trigger all sorts of emotions. What if some student had killed him/herself after that? What would the parents or siblings of such a child be capable of doing to that person responsible in order to find peace and justice? Is it possible that they seek revenge on the person by killing her child (Frauke) in return?

So where did the mother work again?

Since November 2003 Frauke's mother was the principal of this small High School in Bad Driburg, a town with 19.000 inhabitants. Before that she was an assistant principal in the town Lage and before that a teacher in her hometown Lübbecke for 22 years. This raises some questions. Why hasn't she become principal or at least assistant principal in the school where she had been working for 22 years as a teacher? Instead she quits her job at the school of her hometown? With two school-age children at home?
Don't get me wrong, I'm not suspecting her to have anything to do with Frauke's abduction, but I've got the impression that she is not fully cooperative. Is she covering the perpetrator? If not, then what is she hiding?
So given the time frames mentioned above, if the perpetrator comes from the professional environment of the mother it is by chance:
83.02 percent someone from the Lübbecke area
11.32 percent someone from Bad Driburg
5.66 percent someone from Lage

The affair

When Frauke was born, her mother was 32 and in her fifth year teaching at the Wittekind-High-School in Lübbecke. Could there have been an extra-marital affair between her mother and a colleague from school? Maybe Frauke was even an illegitimate child and her biological father knew about it. Maybe more people knew about it. It would explain why she wasn't able to climb the ladder to become assistant principal. Her reputation prevented that. And the baby (Frauke), would never know that her father was not her biological father. The biological father on the other hand was never allowed to contact his own child. The crime is extraordinary in many ways. It tells a story about love, hate, desperation, fear, cover-up and death. And all is centered around a woman, that wants to keep up appearance out of convenience. What's left is a destroyed family with one family member killed.

It would have been detected

You are crazy! It would have been detected by the police forensics in the first place. And what reason should the mother  have to lie to the police about an affair with a guy who could be a suspect in killing her daughter? None at all. The content of such interrogations remain confidential. No, this is ridiculous. But I understand your intention. There must be something to this school the mother quit from and wouldn't let her own daughter go to. What might that be?
It could be anything and nothing. People make decisions because of all kinds of reasons. Let's hope they were professional. All in all this is a lead. It's time again to get out your fancy detective notepad and make a note regarding the school.

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