What happened at the pub?

During the match between Sweden and England, Liebs wrote several text messages to a friend*. When her cell phone battery ran out, she borrowed a full one from her girlfriend, but returned it before leaving the pub, according to her girlfriend.
Around 11 p.m., Liebs said goodbye to her friends and headed home alone.

*Friend, male white, Name: Niels M.*

Her way home

It is considered likely that she started her journey on foot, as she is said to have had only a maximum of five euros with her. The route Liebs took could not be clarified due to a lack of witnesses. Her apartment was about one and a half kilometres away from the pub. On the map you can see the red and the blue lines for the most likeliest ways. According to her roommate*, however, she never arrived there.
*(Roommate, male white, Name: Chris K.*)

Walk her way home

The first strange call

At 00:49, the roommate received a text message from Liebs' cell phone announcing her late return. Police later determined that this message had been sent from the Nieheim-Entrup cellphone area in the Höxter district round 40 kilometres away. The next day, Liebs did not show up for work. After she was also not found in her apartment, Liebs' mother reported her daughter missing on the same day.

You visit the Irish Pub

Higher Perfomance

The Irish Pub is called "The Auld Triangle". It is located pretty much in the center of town with shopping malls and the train station not far away. It is highly frequented, especially during summer. A high number of British Army soldiers are usually among the guests. The night Frauke disappeared, the soccer world cup match between England and Sweden was shown on a screen. It is possible that this is the place where the kidnapper chose his later victim. 

Flexibility and Results

However, nobody has noticed anything unusual. Even not Frauke's girlfriend Isabella*.

*Isabella C., female white

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